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Rand Labs began as an information-technology consulting firm in 2008 simultaneously with a broad-reaching research initiative called the ULISESS Project (  While the ULISSES Project looked to address the needs of asset owners in-sourcing investment tasks, Rand Labs sought to serve top technology-savvy hedge funds.  These funds rarely outsourced even the most mundane tasks due to the high-level performance expectations on all fronts, including operations.  Since our founding, Rand Labs has been the commercial platform whereby basic ideas are researched and then deployed commercially.  The partners at Rand Labs oversee the direct implementation of the technologies among hedge funds and our other clients.  This provides a constant feedback loop into the work with the ULISSES Project providing a "barbell" approach to serving the needs of the most sophisticated investors, and ultimately the asset owners to address the most contemporary and pressing issues the asset management industry is faced with.  With our breadth of knowledge in technology, engineering, and finance along with decades of experience and research we have developed novel and effective solutions for our clients.


The complexity of the world requires innovative ways of viewing problems,which in turn requires the creation of highly flexible and integrated solutions.  We provide these integrated technology solutions to aid clients, and our affiliated companies, solve the problems they are faced with under highly competitive and fast paced conditions.  We aim to build stronger, more sustainable companies. 

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